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Updated December 14, 2003.

Each photo is described in detail, including exposures, equipment used, dates, and processing. All of the images from 1997 to 2003 used a 10" Newtonian telescope with the AO-2 to project the image to the SBIG ST-7 camera and CFW-8 filter wheel. The effective focal length is 14.1 m, giving a plate scale of about 7.6 pixels per arcsecond (3.8 pixels/arcsec in 2x binned mode). This is slightly over F/60, so even the central core of the Airy disk is spread over 4 pixels. Starting in 203, a Philips ToUcam web camera was used instead of the AO-2 system. Short exposures were used to eliminate image motion, and the final images were composed of the best-selected frames.

Previous years images - each new year generally brings better images, so these are not as good as the current ones. They are included to show how better equipment and better techniques lead to better current images.

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