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Stellar Products was the first company to manufacture standard adaptive optics systems to both amateur and professional astronomers. The AO-2 adaptive optics system provided image stabilization for planetary photography. The AO-5 adaptive optics system will provide correction of defocus and astigmatism as well as image stabilization. Either of these systems allows the astronomer to improve his images to the limit of his telescope.

For more information on how adaptive optics works, and some of the products manufactured by Stellar Products, click on the following links:

A Short Adaptive Optics Tutorial - how adaptive optics is used

The Importance of Image Stabilization - the simplest type of adaptive optics, and how powerful it is for small telescopes

High Resolution Photography Requirements - a tutorial on the minimum requirements for diffraction-limited imaging

AO-5 Product Preview - the adaptive optics system for colleges and advanced amateurs using telescopes between 10” and 24”.  (Updated November 2018)

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