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Founded in 1992 by Chief Scientist, Dr. Donald G. Bruns, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Moved to San Diego in 1994.

Don Bruns took his first planetary photos in the late 1960's, using a home-made 6" reflector, not even equipped with a clock drive. Using short exposures, he recorded the bands around Jupiter on very grainy, high speed black and white film.

He retired in 2014.

For more information on Stellar Products, please visit:

The Stellar Products Observatory - showing the telescope and equipment used in astrophotography.

Dr. Bruns's home page, including links to his favorite technical papers, mineral collection, and recent vacations.

How to contact Stellar Products

For more general information about the AO-2 or AO-5 adaptive optics systems, or specific technical information, contact Dr. Don Bruns, Chief Scientist, at dbruns@stellarproducts.com. Please note that the AO-2 and the AO-5 are described for historical interest, but are not available.

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