Jupiter 2001


With Jupiter in prime viewing position and my telescope and drive up and running, I was able to take a lot of decent images. The seeing cooperated for some long periods, so I was able to take some good sequences now converted into a movie.

January 7, 2001 - very good seeing and a seven- hour long series of Jupiter made into a spectacular movie; one frame shown here.


The Japanese national public television network, NHK, included part of this movie in a 2008 documentary on the Subaru telescope, Japan's largest observatory. The production was explaining the concept of adaptive optics with a stellar image, followed by this movie. The commentary is in Japanese, but I understand it talks about a small backyard observatory. Here is a screen shot with my credit:

Jupiter January 6, 2001

January 6, 2001 5:30 pm PST

Exposures 4 seconds each color, no binning, reduced in size and converted to jpeg. Average seeing, but no moons or interesting features. Just after this exposure, I took a number of 0.5 second exposures of the Airy disk of a bright star to compose into a movie. Go back to the image gallery page and select the stellar images area to see what the seeing was like when this Jupiter image was taken. This image is composed of 4 second exposures, so you can see how much luck is involved to get a diffraction limited image in these seeing conditions!

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