Japan 2002

A 6-day tour of Tokyo from May 18-23, 2002.

These are only the pictures with Joshua, or pictures Ron and Jean might be interested in. Our real web page will come later. Still two rolls of film to be developed...

Arrival at Narita.jpgArrival at Narita after long flight.

Skyliner train to Tokyo - found the tickt booth and the right platform

Short hotel door.jpgShort hotel door!

Bad fortunes at Asakusa Temple for both Carol and Joshua

At Asakusa Buddhist temple

Joshua playing video games at Sony Center (Joshua reflected in mirror behind the screen)

At entrance to Meiji Shrine

At Meiji Shrine

At Mt Fuji 5th Station

Rollercoaster at Fujikyo Highlands resort near Mt. Fuji

Mt. Komagatake Temple - just blocks around the ground

Cruise ship on Lake Ashi

Kaleidoscopes at Tokyu Hands, the greatest craft/hardware store anywhere!

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