Germany 2002 Vacation

Visit in the spring of 2002 to a region near Bremen, land of my ancestors. Pictures and stories of the villages of Kirchtimke, Hepstedt, Breddorf, Scheessel, and Westervesede. The nearest town is Zeven. The primary points of interest were the churches where my ancestors were baptized, married, and buried.

  1. Kirchtimke-Hepstedt-Breddorf region; photos and description of the landscape and homes of personal interest.
  2. Kirchtimke and Lambertus Kirche; photos and description of the Lambertus-Kirche (St. Lambert's Church). I've translated a detailed book written for the 250th anniversary of the church. The original German version has also been scanned and reconstructed. Any German-speaking readers are welcome to offer better translations of some of the more difficult passages! (please e-mail me at
  3. Scheessel region; including the St. Marks Church.

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