10-Year Coin Bank

I've always looked ahead to big events, and like to visualize the goal with a countdown. When I started graduate school, I accurately predicted my doctorate final exam more than four years in advance with the help of a wall-high calendar. My next major goal is retirement, so I constructed a 10-year bank. I tried to design an hourglass, but could not get a reliable stream. This alternative uses acrylic tubes, capped with maple disks, that accept quarters. After 10 years of dropping in a single quarter every day, the 10 tubes will be full, and the money will be used to finance a retirement party!

The tubes near the bottom are treated to give a crackled appearance. The tubes are potted in place with a colored transparent resin.   ***Update May 2014 – 10 years have passed, the bank is full, and I retired on schedule!


Height = 27.5", diameter 6". Any bottom color and wood type can be chosen.

Offered at $799, delivery in 90 days. Shipping and handling extra.

Inquiries at dbruns@stellarproducts.com

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