Image Use Rates

Thank you for your interest in Stellar Products!

We offer any of our images, web pages, or tutorials for use by commercial vendors, publication in magazines or books, or publications on web pages. The rates below are our non-discounted rates for 2003; please contact us for special negotiated rates. All usages require credit to Dr. Bruns in a format approved by Dr. Bruns, as well as written prior approval of the specific usage.

  1. Use in magazine, not part of an advertisement; free use for a single issue, with appropriate credit. This requires pre-publication approval by Donald G. Bruns.
  2. Use in book or compilation; $2000 per image per press run.
  3. Use on web page by commercial vendor; $10,000 per week on a publicly available web site (need not be a linked site).
  4. Use on a personal web page; $100 per week on a publicly available web site (need not be a linked site). A link back to is usually required.
  5. Use in a vendor advertisement, catalog, brochure, package, box, or manual; $20,000 per image per press run.
  6. Use in a vendor software program as an illustration or example image or tutorial explanation; $100,000 per year, or per major version upgrade.
  7. Use in a motion picture; $200,000; additional fees (to be negotiated) apply when the movie is converted to home use via VHS or DVD or equivalent.

Use in other media or application; to be negotiated. Unauthorized use is not tolerated, and a bill for image use will be sent to the user, based on the above rates.

All text and images are owned by Stellar Products, 1992-2003. Any use by others without permission of Stellar Products is prohibited. For information on commercial use of any of these images, see above rate table.

Web page last updated April 20, 2003.