My highest scoring Scrabble game – January 21, 2014

Cousin Jerry Kassebaum played two games of Scrabble with me.  He won the first game 375-252.  His second move scored him 98 points, using a blank on each end of an eight-letter word to fall on double word spaces.  Only 12 points on the tiles, but doubled and re-doubled, then 50 bonus points! 

The next game was my luckiest, and the final board is shown here.  I started with DEMON, then LAZE, then a few other 10-point words.  My fourth move was SPLINTED, for 74 points, using a double word score and the 50 point bonus.  The D was on the board.  Only three turns later, I put down AGRARIAN for 72 points, using a double word again, using an I on the board.  Five turns later, I went out by playing UNWOVEN on the triple word tile and forming two crosswords.  Finding an open space that late in the game is usually a challenge, but everything worked perfectly, giving me 93 points on that turn.  This was not as good as Jerry’s 98 points in game 1, but I received the 17 points from his rack for going out, giving me an effective total of 110 points as the last move.  The final score was 441 to 243.  Thanks, Jerry!

Scrabble board January 21, 2014